Then I forgot to do the work

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“Congratulations! You are officially an Emmy winner!”

I’ve gotten so many scam-laden emails in my adult life, I could honestly write a compelling book on my top 500 favorites. So when I received one with those words in the subject line, I nearly deleted it without even opening it.

And yes, conservatives. You do it, too.

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One writer’s struggle to keep his mouth shut

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If it is, then why is it so hard to pick up?

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A poem about seeking the Spirit of God

Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

Make this time bearable

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You gotta hunt the good stuff…

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What Maxwell has taught us about life in our brief time together

I need to clean my mirrors. Photo taken by author.

The art of making chicken salad out of that other stuff

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Be remembered for the right reasons

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Frank Vaughn

Husband. Father of three. Veteran. Writer. Podcaster. Photographer.

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