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  • And thus she wrote…

    And thus she wrote…

    A woke woman who only believes in the Shania way of life which essentially means that “ I am on my way “. Passionate about everything that resonates with me.

  • H Janeberlin

    H Janeberlin

  • Noelle R. Beauregard

    Noelle R. Beauregard

    Top Writer: Poetry. Smoking 🖋for hire: Copywriter for Nonprofits and Not-For-Profit Healthcare. Also open to other projects. Email: NoelleRBeauregard@gmail.com

  • Dr. Tracy Davis

    Dr. Tracy Davis

    Entrepreneur/blogger sharing what I’m learning along the way. Productivity, goal setting, travel, and personal development. https://linktr.ee/trayceedee

  • Ed Benjamin

    Ed Benjamin

  • T. Nichol

    T. Nichol

    Now, Let’s NOT Sugarcoat It!...Unless It’s A Donut. 🍩 | A Sarcastic Outlook On Everyday Life | ➡️ For New Writers & Introverted Humans | TNichol17@outlook.com

  • Pamela Oglesby

    Pamela Oglesby

    I love to write! I have been writing on various sites for about 15 years. I am a retired RN. New editor on Anyone Can Write. I love genealogy and stained glass.

  • Rick Lewis

    Rick Lewis

    If embracing growth is your reason for being here then we’re friends already. As a Top Writer in Creativity I share fresh perspectives & humor for the journey.

  • Stella Lyn Norris

    Stella Lyn Norris

    An intrepid traveler of inner landscapes, and a lover of all things wild and non-conforming, exploring the sweet messiness of being human.

  • Kurt Dillon

    Kurt Dillon

    Medium Top Writer — Owner of the Medium Pub ‘The Consummate Writer’; Former Assoc. Prof. of English, Writer & Author, MA — Journalism & MS — Forensic Psychology

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